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Nico and Will

riu-tsuki: “ This is my headcannon of Solangelo as young adults, they have matching sun/moon tattoos art © riu-tsuki ”

Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Ladies

Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Ladies// Clarissa Reyna and Thalia should have more muscle build, but I guess that's hard to find

This is the cutest thing ever because I can picture Will always caving when Nico just looks at him.

stupid boyfriends by on DeviantArt >>> It should say McDonalds instead of Burger King, but it's still funny.

Will solace

it’s safe to say i’m obssesed with this concept

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson Quotes chart pretty much but I would replace party ponies for This is a PEN! They also need to add the dam snack bar too << and schist