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Pretty much my everyday life summed up here. WELCOME TO MY NEW INFATUATION BIG HERO SIX

hiro and riley - Pesquisa Google

Inside out x Big Hero 6<<< idk if I ship this but I kinda like it

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Penny & Hiro: Hiro kissing Penny Penny high-fifing Wilbur Violet is like huh?


Hohoho! Feliz Natal aos fãs Disney de boa vontade!

When Niell asked me out haha so embarrassing

Penny & Hiro: Introducing "Hiro, meet Penny Forrester. She's one of the cast from my previous movie film: Bolt. Penny, this is Hiro Hamada. He's the protagonist from my recent film with director Don Hall. And you two will be working together along with the others for the next film we'll make. The futuristic four." "Hi Hiro~!" "H-Hi . . . Penny." //lil blush desu desu// because the awesome fact is that BH6 and Bolt were both directed by Chris Williams along with two more fellow directors