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24-Floresta Tropical de Atsinanana - Madagascar

lemurs, Madagascar, If you care about Tibet and preserve conscious cultures that won't harm the planet, sign this petition,

Bear Rocks in Grant County, West Virginia, USA

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Lac Alaotra Gentle Lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis) by Fanomezantsoa Andrianirina. The Alaotran Gentle Lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis) is endemic to Madagascar and found only in and around the largest lake of the island, Lac Alaotra. It is the only primate adapted to live in reed and papyrus beds.

Gorges de l'Areuse, Switzerland.

Madagascar, Africa. Travel to Madagascar with ISLAND CONTINENT TOURS DMC. A member of GONDWANA DMC, your network of boutique Destination Management Companies for travel across the globe -

Coastal landscape of the Antongil Bay, east of Madagascar by Pierre-Yves Babelon

Beautiful Madagascar

Madagascar day gecko Hawaiian's view them to be guardians & good luck