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Rag doll kitten - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Ragdoll Our Angel looked just like this when she was a kitten. Same shaped eyes and coloring.

Blue-Gem Ragdoll photo Gallery - Photos of Ragdoll Cats and kittens

Tuxedo Cats

Beautiful Blue Gem Ragdoll Kitten (Blue Gem is the name of the breeder located in Ohio)

Blue-eyed beauty

Ragdoll cats and kittens Photo Gallery. Ragdoll cat breeders in Ohio.

7 #Cutest Cat Breeds to Make You Smile ...

7 Cutest Cat Breeds to Make You Smile ...

Ragdoll Cat Breed The Ragdoll cat is one of the cutest cats among all because it has deep blue eyes. It is one of the most beautiful cat breeds indeed!

** "If God be watchin', de least we kin do be entertainin'."

Sepia Female Ragdoll Kitten Mink/ Just like my cats Lexie Max. They are the sweetest cats.