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and STFU ppl who complain about being alone when you have parents and siblings… ”

Uchiha Obito was the biggest victims  of war ,he lost everything included his lovest #anime #cosplayclass #naruto #cosplay

Obito's actions and choices are understandable. Even though they were wrong you can't completely blame him. Obito is Naruto, except Naruto had the will to never give in. Plus, Uchiha have the Curse of Hatred

Resultado de imagen para arteyata

Naruto / Naruto (Day Most Optimistic Anime Character) by Usuratonkachi_

Naruto’s life with his parents.. if they were still alive, that is.

If Naruto grew up with his parents. I know it shaped Naruto into who he was but I still wish they could have been there for him.

O melhor blog de humor do mundo.

Ainda tem gente que pede indicação de remédio na internet

Naruto ~~ Isso é tão triste !!! E o que realmente me deixa é como Choji é o único a não olhar para ele maliciosamente ...

Naruto Logic : Outsider Oh my goodness so sad! I just wanna hug 'im!

The girls in their man's clothes.  A while back I pinned the NaruHina one, but then I found SasuSaku, ShikaTema, SaiIno, MinaKushi, and ObiRin ones and had to add them! #naruto

The girls in their man's clothes. SasuSaku, ShikaTema, SaiIno, NaruHina MinaKushi, and ObiRin

Team seven lovin:

In which Naruto refuses to believe that love is a zero-sum game, and out-stubborns Sasuke. It's important to know that love exists in many forms, and one of those forms is friendship❤️

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Team 7 Generations - The history of Team They have bad karma, hell yeah.