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would love to know what this font is called

I like the typography for a Clash tribute tattoo, probably saying "The future is unwritten" or maybe a lyric.

Since it is in UV ink, when it heals, it won’t appear in daylight, only in black light. The lightning bolt will be visible during the day because it is a colored UV ink, and I am ok with that.

Harry Potter tattoo in UV ink. Once healed it won't show up unless under black light. The exception being the lightening blot at the end, it's colored UV ink. Coolest thing ever?

Tatuajes para mujeres en el pie - con fotos. El pie es una zona perfecta para hacerse un tatuaje pequeño, grabarse una frase o lucir cualquier elemento simbólico para nosotros. La ventaja que tienen los tattos en el pie es que podemos ocultarnos...

Tatuajes para mujeres en el pie - con fotos

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35 Beautifully Understated Minimal Tattoos

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