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Exo countdown

Exo so I already remembered that names but this is going to help you

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The future I hope for...❤#stopfanwars #exo-l #army reminder: we ARMY's are always by your side❤

The future I hope for.❤ reminder: we ARMY's are always by your side❤ Syafiqah

Oh Luhan <3  I laughed so hard at this part lol ''no no no no'' hahah I couldn't stop replaying it XD


Luhan just loves Apink's "no no no" doesnt he XD Ps. Never call Luhan feminine again lol

Except me in public still looks like crap, where D.O looks good in both to be completely honest

oh dear lord, that's going to haunt my dreams tonight. it's so true though.