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5 ¼ clean up the bottom contact points, I chopped a 45 degree angle on a 4x4 to use as a guide/jig to give me a larger surface to work with. I then lined the frog up to the edge of the jig and started working my sanding block left to right. #woodworking #handtools #tools #DIY

5 ¼ series…now that the mouth is nice and square, we need to address the edges. With a fine mill file, we are going to lightly chamfer the edges - same motion as before, engage on the push stroke and release on the down. #woodworking #handtools #DIY

5 ¼ mind was on the micro-bevel today based off of an email conversation with a smart lady. I decided to follow the same concept as I did with the frog from my previous post and mitre a 35 degree jig with a 4x4. #woodworking #handtools #DIY

For #HandToolThursday, I present my current series, the No. 5 ¼ deconstructed. The overall condition of this plane is excellent; this will be the first time in a long time that I won’t have to do anything with the Knob and Tote. That said, the frog’s front and rear contact points need some work along with the mouth. We’ll cover more on that tomorrow, but this should be a fairly quick project…Famous last words from an optimist!

5 ¼ series…if the rust and years of build-up proves to be difficult to remove while flattening; you can use use your belt sander on a flat surface to remove all the problem areas. This will not replace your normal process for flattening the sole #woodworking #handtools #DIY

5 ¼ series…Sometimes the edge of the mouth is either chipped or out of square; in this instance the 5 ¼ was out of square. This is a relatively easy fix but takes a little time and patience. #woodworking #handtools #tools

And so we begin another series…I’m going to change it up a little with the second hand tool, but first I wanted to introduce my Stanley 5 ¼ “Junior Jack Plane”. This plane was specifically designed for hands-on-training in school/university. #woodworking # tools

5 ¼ series...the goal was the leave the Type 20 blue paint as is, but curiosity got the best of me, so I tried to match it. I ended up going with old #ford twilight #blue, it looks great but still a little off #handtools #tools #woodworking

5 ¼ series...I mentioned earlier that we needed to address the frog as the contact points were a little rough. I'm using 220 grit and lightly dressing it left to right to flatten it need to be rough with it; slow and steady wins the race. #woodworking #handtools #tools

5 ¼ series...back to to the frog; now we need to clean and square up the body contact points. Use a fairly coarse grit (I used 120) and attach the sandpaper to the sanded contact points on the frog #woodworking #handtools #DIY