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Fisheye No. 2 Ripcurl - Fisheye Cameras - Cameras - Lomography Shop

Fisheye 2 Ripcurl - Fisheye Cameras - Cameras - Lomography Get ready to be sucked into a whirl of vividly-coloured, barrel-distorted perspective as we bring you the Rip Curl Fisheye 2 Special Edition camera!

The Double Shot Camera  Two halves make a whole lot of great photos!

The Double Shot Camera

The Double Shot Camera says half full, yes, yes and yes -- it's a half frame camera that takes twice as many shots as there are exposures on a roll. Now that's not half bad.

Lomography Fisheye Black.

Lomography Fisheye Black スペック・仕様

Probably because it's a lot cheaper then buying a fisheye lens for my DSLR. Fisheye One Camera - Black - Lomography Shop - Lomography Shop

Ultra Wide Super Fat Lens Camera: Super wide angle lens. Charming vignetting. Killer contrast. Only $32

Ultra Wide and Slim Camera

Ultra Wide and Slim Camera (a FUN camera to add to the collection)

Looking for a sweet Lomographic treat? The Fisheye One Vanilla is here to satisfy your hunger for amazing photographs. Coated in creamy shades of yellow and grey, this compact camera will let you see the world in a crazy circular perspective!

Fisheye One Vanilla - Fisheye Camera - Cameras - Lomography Shop

La Sardina

La Sardina Beach Editions

La Sardina & Flash - Capri Punta Carena - New Arrivals - Cameras - Lomography Shop

lomo hello kitty camera

Fisheye camera One Hello Kitty Blue Red White Edition TU Lomography

Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Yellow

This is a camera dedicated to those uniquely analogue sprocket holes. The Sprocket Rocket features a super-wide lens that flawlessly exposes the whole width of the film.

Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake

Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake Camera the Silver Lake features a chrome body wrapped in genuine brown leather, a Russian-made Minitar 1 lens, an included cable release, and arrives in a special wooden box. Limited to just 1000 units.

I want to take this little guy with me everywhere---oh wait!  He's keychain-sized; I can!

Mr. Digital Clover, Keychain Camera

Digital Clover Keychain Camera - A charming keychain photo and video camera with film camera appeal.

Lomography Horizon Kompakt Camera (Black) by Lomography. $289.95. The Horizon Kompakt has a 28mm multicoated swing-lens that sweeps across and sees a full 120 degrees of vision. Each shot yields a 58mm long negative – nearly the width of two standard frames! Fixed aperture (f/8) and focus means that all you have to do is point, and shoot! Day and Night shutter settings afford you full 24-hour and indoor / outdoor access. And, an uncoupled shutter release and advance mean...

Get ultra-wide panoramic pictures with glowing colors on regular film with the Horizon Kompakt.