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Not sure where this is, but the birch and orange color in nature are quite beautiful.

Endless Grove (via Chad Galloway Photo) Aspens are my favorite trees.

A great way to keep Mabon with you is to make a leaf scrape book of autumn leaves.

Nature Crafts and Activities for Kids You Will Want To Do RIGHT Now

remember bringing leaves to school?we had to make a book pf different leaves one year.the leaves were so beautiful in the fall.

made by Audrey T

The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer eveninfs, now for October eves!



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I know many people think of autumn colors and warm and cozy (browns, maroons, earthy greens), but sometimes autumn can be really vibrant and bold.

Inspired By: Autumn

I love nature and my favourite season is fall. I love fall because it is so calming and pretty. It also helps that my birthday is in the fall.