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The Castles of Westeros: A Song of Ice and Fire fan art by Feliche (Félix Sotomayor)  From top to bottom, namely: Pyke, The Eyrie, Highgarden, Winterfell, Riverrun, Storm’s End, Casterly Rock and Castle Black

The Castles of Westeros: A Song of Ice and Fire fan art by Feliche (Félix…

Guardiaoriente del Mar [Eastwatch by the Sea] es el castillo perteneciente a la Guardia de la Noche más al oriente del Muro, localizado en una costa gris y ventosa en la Bahía de las Focas. Hacia 298 AL había cerca de doscientos hombres en el castillo bajo el mando de Cotter Pyke. Tiene su propio maestre.

Guardiaoriente del Mar

Eastwatch By The Sea by ElegantWaster. Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is the easternmost castle along the Wall, located on a grey, windswept shore by the Bay of Seals.

red keep

¿Cómo es de verdad Poniente? Así lo ve George R. R. Martin, el autor de 'Canción de Hielo y Fuego' (FOTOS)

El mundo de hielo y fuego

A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones The Iron Throne Winter is Here


Tyrion in one of the Eyrie’s sky cells - Michael Komarck for the 2009 A Song of Ice & Fire Calendar

Batalha da muralha.

Discover a selection of recent artworks made by Grzegorz Rutkowski, a freelancer polish artist.

Conoce el universo de Game of Thrones con ilustraciones! - Taringa!

Conoce el universo de Game of Thrones con ilustraciones!

Archive The 9 Worst Destinations In Westeros A Game of Thrones Travel Guide :iconeawood: &. Game of Thrones: 9 Worst Destinations In Westeros

Meera arrives with the remaining members of the group at Nightfort, a long unused Night's Watch castle along the Wall. Bran recalls a lot of scary stories he had heard from Old Nan about Nightfort, but Meera expresses her love of scary stories so Bran retells the legend of the Rat Cook. Suddenly, a dark figure appears from a well, frightening the group.


West of Castle Black is a ruined castle called the "Nightfort". It is the oldest castle, predating even Castle Black by centuries. The upkeep, however, was too much to maintain so it was abandoned.

east watch by the sea.

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East Watch by the Sea, the Night's Watch, Westeros, Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones' Castle Black and the Wall Look Awesome in Minecraft


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