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!! “Europa”, brilliant as always

"Europa",Sinds 1994 zwerft tall ship 'bark EUROPA' over de oceanen.


capngrimbeard: You can nerestudy th’ riggin’ o’ ship classes. Knowin’ ‘t can be th’ difference between livin’ wi’ booty an’ bunkin’ in Davy Jone`s Locker!

.Portugal caravels  that  descover Brasil and othr parts of the world

The ships which Columbus sailed were Portuguese.

Ciudad de Amsterdam

The rakish "Stad Amsterdam", a fast steel-hulled clipper replica.

amerigo vespucci nave - Cerca con Google

✯♫)ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃✞Amerigo Vespucci, school ship of the Italian Navy

Sovereignty Of The Sea

US Brig Niagara by Doug Heimstead on Capture Minnesota // One of the tall ships ready to enter the Duluth Harbor.

'Friendship of Salem' by Leighton O’Connor ~ via: sunshinesmileunicorn

The Friendship of Salem is a replica of a 1797 East Indiaman, built in the Scarano Brothers Shipyard in Albany, New York, in Similar to the type of ship Sinclair leaves on when he begins his journey to Bengal on the fictional Sherwell.


HMS Endeavour or HM Bark Endeavour; Launched Lt James Cook expedition to Australia and New Zealand 1769 - 1771

Kaiwo Maru II in yokohama japan.

“KAIWO MARU II” is a 4 Masted Japanese Barque – Completed: 12 September 1989 as a Sailing Training Ship – Complement: 199 Officers, Sailors – Seen in Yokohama, Japan


The Pirates! Band of Misfits Family/Adventure Release Date April

Lord Nelson,Belfast tall ships race 2015,photos of tall ships

The 3 masted barque Lord Nelson at the start of the Belfast Tall Ships race 2015

"DEWARUCI" - Indonesia

Dewa Ruci – a magnificent German-built ship on which the main mast soars to 120 feet and that carries more than square feet of sail. Photo thanks to Tall Ships Hobart 2013 (Australian Wooden Boat Festival Inc)