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Braided Headband for Any Age

Braided Headband for Any Age~oooh brilliant hair idea for love this hair style! with a floral headpiece as well

one i'd like to try

Double Braided Headband - Any Age

We loved our one braid headband so much, we tried it out with two . so here's our double braided headband.

This braid looks complicated, but is just a regular braid, but with 2 thin and 1 thick section.  (BTW the side has a zillion other cute little girl hairstyles)

Uneven 3 Strand Braid

Easy Hair Tutorial (Heart Hair) Wondering if my girls will let me do this to their hair?!

Bowmania: Heart Hair ~ Fun for Valentine's Day. easier then how i have been doing berkleys hair

really cute

Quick Style - Bohemian/Hippie Braids


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I am in a crazy busy hurry today. I have loads to you get a picture tutorial.

Hair Today: I don't know what to call we'll go go with criss-cross braid on top. Miss E hair do!

Girly Do Hairstyles: By Jenn: Twisted into Messy Buns

Girly Do's By Jenn: Messy Buns and more easy? little girls hair styles Not this Jenn. But I will try this on Jayde!

Wrap around with little braids and flower clips

Wrap Around w/Little Braids Hairstyle