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Turkish tulu rug (Foto: Bruce Buck / The New York Times)

Persian Bijar Oriental Rug.


Cozinha pra sonhar... (Jeito de Casa)

Você sabe como decorar uma cozinha pequena sem perder em beleza e funcionalidade? Diferente do que muitas pessoas pensam, esse não é um espaço reservado ap

Antique Qashqai Rugs: Qashquli Qashqai Rug end 19th C Fars Province Lot 81

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Vermelho: Como usar e combinar a cor na decoração

Dual tone wall. Plants. Plate wall. LOVE it all.

FERAHAN SAROUK, West Central Persian, 10ft 1in x 13ft 10in, Late 19th Century. This extraordinary 19th century carpet’s singular design portrays an understated, exquisite medallion around which cypress tree motifs and other flower forms tilt and sway. Highly organic drawing is executed with masterful flair in all four quarters of this antique Oriental rug, including the inventive main border. This layering of design adds great sophistication, yet the effect remains spacious and balanced.

Caucasian Kuba, 3ft 8in x 5ft 0in, Late 19th Century. This tremendously spirited antique tribal rug jewel offers many attributes that delight collectors. To zoom in on the details of the deceptively simple display of tribal motifs in this spirited 19th century ivory-ground Caucasian Kuba carpet is to discover an absolutely staggering array of vegetally dyed hues. Sometimes in clusters of only four knots, a spectrum of secondary tones deftly enhances numerous shades of red and blue.

Antique Persian Textile