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I love to watch these birds fish! Brown pelican ~ cool bird ♥ The first time one of these landed next to me, I thought it was a dinosaur.

Blue Waxbills

~ Blue Waxbills also called Blue- breasted Cordon - bleu is a common species of estrildid finch found in South Africa ~

Amazing bird:

Amazing Purple Bird - Beautiful


"Flock of eight flamingos wading in water, Lake Nakuru, Kenya" Gallery Print by Panoramic Images

40 Baby Animals To Celebrate World Wildlife Day

Here Are The 40 Cutest Things On The Internet Right Now. #13 Just Made My Day.

Golden-browed Chlorophonia

Golden-browed Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia callophrys) is a species of bird in the Fringillidae family. It is found in Costa Rica and Panama. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.

An egret in an almost mythical Icarus posture...

Icarus - Snowy egret hunting for food. They'll shake their feet or run in different directions to stir up prey.

world's best fisherman? Atlantic Puffin catches bunch of fish (photo Steve Waterhouse, via fairy-wren.tumblr 16755267350)

Chew with uour mouth closed. Atlantic Puffin catches bunch of fish (photo Steve Waterhouse)

Amazing photo capture of baby bird being save after falling from the nest

Spectacular Photo ~ Amazing photo capture of baby bird being saved after falling from the nest.