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To me, Emma Watson will always be Hermione, but I still love how they've done this, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. I wish the Harry Potter series could have featured more people of other ethnicities, rather than mostly just white

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Teddy and Victoire by lila-selle

This small personal project by Makani re-imagines the Harry Potter characters as if they were originally created by Disney and well they're amazing. Makani has managed to capture everything about the original chracters and the style of Disney perfectly. Makes you wish they would make an animated version.

The Stars of Harry Potter Creatively Re-Created as Disney Characters

What would it be like if Disney released Harry Potter as an animated movie? All right, stop screaming. this is just a re-imagining.

Everyone calls you a ferret malfoy... just get over it

Harry Potter - Dramione - Stupid Potter by CaptBexx on deviantART (I don't ship them but I like the picture)

"In re-reading Harry Potter, I was initially discouraged by explicit early associations between fat & evil/fat & lazy/fat & unhealthy. But as the series progressed and Rowling found her voice, I found an interesting evolution of her attitude towards fatness. Though there are very dim notes in her characterization of fat bodies (the Dursley family in particular), Rowling usually presents fatness as neutral & natural – some bodies are fat, some bodies are thin, & none are worth less for it."

The Dursleys, Vernon Dursley, Aunt Petunia, Dudley, Harry Potter Fan Art by Alex Roman

Neville Longbottom by http://feliciacano.deviantart.com/art/Neville-Longbottom-209621587

Neville Longbottom by feliciacano on deviantART. I think this is very sweet :) It's even got Greenhouse 3 in the background.

Hermione, Ginny and Luna Harry Potter

Change Your Hairstyle Online Women

Eve: wearing a pair of black pants, with a dark olive shirt and has a pixie cut with dark olive tips. An olive lab coat, over a button down shirt with an olive green skirt. A dark olive dress with bronze embroidery and a bronze leather jacket over it.


I've never imagined James having these super glasses, but I love it! James and Lily - The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Art Collection