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You haven't truly multi tasked until you've counted stitches and carried on a conversation at the same time!

I often get "looks" from people when I knit in public.  And in my case, yes I knit, and yes I'm getting old but I've been knitting since I was 16.

weekend wishes

The quote says it all. I am a young knitter and proud!


I've ripped a lot of work for one twisted stitch.

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This weekend's forecast is mostly knitting with a chance of whine.

which is exactly why I DON'T go out...

Yup yup yup and yup!

that's me...

I spent three days in the store, snacking and helping myself to basically everything I wanted. Then they came back and opened up the store.well that is what my son says anyway.

#klogkone#astridlindgren #forbillede#

#klogkone#astridlindgren #forbillede#

This is truly me

Big party over here. *sips coffee* *continues knitting*with baileys in it

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Better than therapy = knitting.