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Common Mistakes of First Time Backpackers

Common Mistakes of First Time Backpackers

We& all been newbies at something, even traveling. There are some common mistakes of first time backpackers to avoid before jetting off.

Автостоп из Москвы во Владивосток

Gunakan Tips Liburan Ala Backpacker Ini Agar Liburan Kamu Semakin Berkesan

Solo Travel: 42 things I now know. http://solotravelerblog.com/solo-travel-42-things-you-need-to-know/

Solo Travel: 42 things you need to know.

There is much to know about solo travel. Here are 42 things I've learned in my five years of publishing Solo Traveler.

Backpacking for Beginners: First-time backpacker? This has some great tips for those new to backpacking in the outdoors!

Backpacking for Beginners First-time backpacker? REI’s 12 basic tips can go a long way to ensuring you and your group have a great time.

Women's Backpacking site - great advice for female backpackers

Women's Backpacking site - great advice for female backpackers

For all of you backpacking Europe this summer, Eurail passes can be a bit confusing to figure out. In our latest post, we explain how they work, your different options, how to get a discount on them, and whether they're worth it for you

Should You Use a Eurail Pass When Traveling

Snowshoe Like a Pro: Float through winter with tips from BACKPACKER’s lead snowshoe tester.

Snowshoe Like a Pro

On downhills in soft snow, take big, plunging steps. (Photo by Rich Wheater)

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Lessons learned while backpacking around South East Asia. Things like: don't pack like a hoarder, drink those icy drinks, have passport photos handy & more!

Travel Safety: Always Consider the Source

Where to Find the Friendliest People in the World

Backpacker Workouts: From trail to training

Get ready for backpacking season using these simple fitness tips to adjust you workout for backpacking.