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The Alps flora and fauna is unique as well: the Edelweiss, Austria's national…

The Alps flora and fauna is unique: here is the Edelweiss, Austria's national flower.

How can one say, "it can't be done" even "impossible" or "never?" To blossom from nowhere, flourish and bloom. With readiness to set forth, testify to, and attest. Soaring high to dreams now clasp at the palm of my hand. Easily shake one's head In disbelief instead, with gratitude and love I humbly bow.

- mujeristaxicana: nothing says hope quite like.


It would appear that no matter the odds, nature always has a way of triumphing in the most unlikely of places. Here are 25 plants that are winning the battle

This place is a must-visit.

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Personally, we think it's charming to see a feisty plant pop up through sidewalk cracks or in between patio stones. But if you're not charmed by pavement w



Flor canhota - scaevolas

Flor Canhota (Scaevola aemula

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