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(VIDEO) Y3 Qasa | Everything You Should Know. Breaking down the history of the adidas Y3 Qasa.

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HOKA Mafate 4

Pictures, product description and design ideation of the HOKA One One Mafate 4 trail running shoe. Designed by GHOST WORKS.

3D-printed trainer designed by Under Armour

To come up with shoe design that would provide cushioning and support through a range of exercises, Under Armour enlisted the help of Autodesk's generative design software


A group project by Julie Helles Eriksen, Christian Kau & Kristine Boesen, these Ecco Empower sandals are designed to 'empower' the wearer to insert some of

World’s First Dynamic 3D Printed Insoles - 3D Printing Industry

World’s First Dynamic Printed Insoles - Printing Industry

3ders.org - Under Armour receives A' Design Award for 3D printed 'Architech' training shoe | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Under Armour receives A' Design Award for printed 'Architech' training shoe

original_136403_hLpcEFk7CKq4q0RKBu6_Zwj9F.jpg (993×700)

original_136403_hLpcEFk7CKq4q0RKBu6_Zwj9F.jpg (993×700)

original_176277_NkUIMCGQFjYhVNwUrRG6902VX.jpg (1700×1100)

original_176277_NkUIMCGQFjYhVNwUrRG6902VX.jpg (1700×1100)