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Nobody is "normal" because "normal" isn't definite. Just like the word "love," everyone has their own definition of what"normal" is.


"When life gives you lemons squeeze them in peoples eyes" - "Ugly Love" By Colleen Hoover

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Find what u love and let it kill u

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Trust No One - X Files - Aluminum Key Chain

Trust No One - X Files - Aluminum Key Chain

This "Trust No One" key chain is hand stamped with care, one letter at a time. This key chain is stamped on a x aluminum blank. The rectangles are made

art. inspiration

"Art is our only salvation from the horror of existence." Graffiti words of wisdom. Spray paint on cement.

Every given Sunday  #nyc #menswear via @mrgaitan

Every given Sunday #nyc #menswear via @mrgaitan


Syndex is a minimal, highly customisable digital mood board geared towards curators, archivists, image collectors and the creative community.

DBT Core Mindfulness Non-Judgmentally skill has us practice taking hold of our Mind by seeing without putting an evaluation of good or bad, just looking at the facts.  Acknowledging the difference between the helpful and the harmful, the safe and the dangerous, but don't judge them.  Non Judgmentally combined with Distress Tolerance S.T.O.P.  (Stop, Take a step back, Observe what is happening inside and outside yourself, and Proceed Mindfully) skill can decrease emotional reactivity.

Even tho i like this one, u cant NOT judge someone, u need to know whether u like hanging out with them.its like we judge ppl for judging ppl cuz judging ppl is wrong


ART (They All Hate Us)

you're a work of art not everyone will understand you. But the one who understands you will never forget about you.