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5 dicas para fazer cursos online gratuitos e obter certificado

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justahighschooljunior: lamellipodium: First study session of the midsem break, have so much to do 😥 good luck!

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Время перерыва. Протри пыль дома или в офисе. #fwdays #developer #programming #programminglanguages #PHP #Java #JavaScript #dotnet

In Sir Isaac Newton published his groundbreaking book, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, which described his three laws of motion. In the process, Newton laid the foundation for classical mechanics and redefined the way the world r…

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A cup of coffee on your laptop. This is what my desk looks like exept for the coffee on the computer

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exchange adventurous tales with your friends while listening to the crackling fireplace, a glass of butterbeer in hand as the smell of cinnamon surrounds you 🍻

Minimal Desks - Simple workspaces, interior design

A constantly updated resource of inspirational, yet functional, minimal desks and simple workspaces; often showcasing the interior design facets that pull it all together.

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studybuddiie: “Tomorrow is going to be another boring day. I hope I’m gonna survive it.