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Sword of light - http://etrelley.deviantart.com/

When I make a sword, I make a false manipulation with optional mirror and I'm like "Hey! Sword of light - Epee de lumiere - OC

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Project Excalibur

This sword has a yellow glow to it and steam coming out of it which makes the blade seem like it is very hot and can cut through most things including armour. this weapon seems like it would have been made in a weapons development lab.

341724.jpg (1000×502)

341724.jpg (1000×502)

Great sword

Araina's father always has his sword upon his person. Being the Lord of Listhiathine, the sword's golden swirls and edges represent his City's trademark; the sunlight. Inspiration for Caius Hopeforge

holow, espada do sofrimento, destrói a mente de seu usuário, se alimentando de seus piores sentimentos

Abaddon - Warhammer Wiki - Space Marines, Chaos, planets, and more: