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(18) Gintama Brasil - Timeline Photos

(18) Gintama Brasil - Timeline Photos

Emilia, Satan, sad, crying, young, childhood, different ages, time lapse, timeline, battle, characters, Alciel, Lucifer, Olba, Emeralda, Albert, tree, Emi, Sadao, Alas; The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Hataraku Maou-sama / the devil is a partimer (maou & emilia ) - They both fight to protect, yet they're not so different.



Cute/Funny Comic Pt. 2

Funny pictures about My boyfriend thinks he's a blanket. Oh, and cool pics about My boyfriend thinks he's a blanket. Also, My boyfriend thinks he's a blanket.

Shipping isn’t just serious business, it’s a lifestyle. :’D My poor boyfriend has to deal with all the pairings I ship, even the especially w. I Ship It

If he was licking it so fast, why is it still that big

Something I learnt today

I think I love a derp

Oh childhood ruined. Maturity at its finest. Me and Doll (Comic, I think I'm in love with a Derp)