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Animation Reference - Female Standard Walk - Grid Overlay Video From Endless Reference The best Animation Books that every animator should own The huma.

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artist-refs: “Phoneme Chart by TheEndIsNearUs ” This is a nice chart! Lipsync is one of my not-so-secret passions. I also hate front mouths. They’re harder to inbetween, I find, and they’re not used nearly as frequently. Here’s some ¾ mouths I.


Fire is one of the hardest things to do, but there are a few tricks you can do to get your flame animations to look pretty good. Shown bel.

Bloochikin — anatoref: Dogs Animation Referece Row 1, 2...

anatoref: Dogs Animation Referece Row 1, 2...

anatoref: “ Dogs Animation Referece Row 2 (Left), & 4 Row 2 (Right Row 3 Row Left, Righ, & Bottom Image Row 5 (Middle) ”

The Art Reference Blog | chicinlicin: Sort of follow up from the hair...

Flowing and Looping Skirt Animation Looking at your own clothes or just clothes in general really helps!