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19 Incredible natural swimming pools

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A natural swimming pool is a combination of a swimming pool and a natural pond. It comprises a swimming zone and a regeneration zone, which are separated by a barrier below the water surface.

Piscines naturelles, ça te tente?

19 Incredible natural swimming pools

19 Incredible natural swimming pools


the natural swimming pool

Natural Pools - Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds - The Daily Green - this page mentions converting an existing pool into a natural swimming pond by adding a shallow plant area around the original for natural purification.

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Natural swimming pools are eco friendly swimming pools. Aqua Landscape Design specialise in providing the beautiful combination of swimming pool with natural pond features giving a 'Natural Swimming Pond' with no harsh chemicals.

very nice natural swimming pool.  i'm a fan.  i also really like that great big rock bridge, except it might be a bit impractical (would it get slippery?) and might not look nearly as purdy if you had to put rails on it.

My kind of pool - Natural Swimming Pool Project Page - Water House Pools - Chris Rawlings Water House - Seen in House Beautiful

Swimmingpond. I want one so bad & says it's low maintenance, & chemical free.

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