Galadriel from "Lord of the Rings" - Art by <--- Wow this is awesome! I love this design!

melkorwashere: “Galardiel sketch I need tag ”I just love to draw dresses” and ”I can’t not to add at least one asian detail in clothes” ”



Melian (I love Phobs' Tolkien fan art!)

Melian (I love Phobs' Tolkien fan art!

Галадриэль Galadriel!!

Галадриэль Galadriel!!

StudioTRANSYLVANIA :: 갈라드리엘

Lady Galadriel - Lord of the Rings

Phobs |

manwe by phobs

9900.png (550×550)

9900.png (550×550)

Celeborn and Galadriel // FINALLY CELEBORN AS HE SHOULD BE. Not looking stoned like he was in the movies. Also young Galadriel done right yaaass

RE QUES TEDu don’t know how much i love this 2 specially when they’re wearing armours bhbajh

Curufin and Celegorm

everybody's favorite jerky elves from the Silmarillion, Celegorm and Curufin

celaena sardothien dresses - Google Search

Rhaenys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. From wikipedia: Queen Rhaenys Targaryen was the younger of Aegon I's sister-queens.

Nerwen, meaning “man-maiden”, was Galadriel’s mother-name; this came from her unusual height and strength.

Nerwen, meaning “man-maiden”, was Galadriel’s mother-name; this came from her unusual height and strength.<<<< this is a brilliant edit, we already have pics of her as a warrior

melkorwashere... I looove her version of Sauron!

Melkor Was Here : Photo

Numenor Sauron - by

She is my favorite artist in the whole universe.

Celebrian and the jewel that was eventually given to Aragorn.

Galadriel with Elessar by ironhill

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 82 Pics

Dominic Monaghan talking about John Rhys-Davies. This proves that John Rhys-Davies is Gimli on and off the screen.

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Pengolodh of Gondolin, the greatest Loremaster since Fëanor and Rúmil.