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Gothic Art

Deepawali~Offer Black magic specialist Love problem soiution Rare VedIc Mantra To Increase WIllpower ( Boost WIllpower Levels in RAJAHMUNDRY Himachal

Femme en noir regardant les éclairs (Gif) ..

Beautiful fantasy girl in a beautiful black dress on the sea. The Eye of the Storm by Iardacil on DeviantArt

Falcon gazed out at the dark forest. 'I suppose there are worse places to be kept prisoner... And I will continue to have hope. Kite and the dwarves will not rest until I am free again.' -- Menace in the Mountains

Fantasy illustration - “I knew what it was to yearn for a life so distant it seemed that it had never been anything more than a dream.” ~Alice Hoffman, The Dovekeepers

Mirror mirror..

I had help from a private tutorial on parts of this, like the skin and hair. Create art that makes you happy. Just do it creatively and passionately. I really appreciate the stock providers: Models.