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Constructions abandonnées. Inquiétantes pré-ruines...

ludivinedix: Worcester State Hospital. Jeremy Harris. < this isn't even a half an hour from my home!

MT Psychiatric Center, NY by Martino ~ NL (@ DOUR 2012 till monday!), via Flickr

Constructions abandonnées. Inquiétantes pré-ruines...

Abandoned Insane Asylums | The Fun Stuff: Art Direction and Practical Effects « New Breed

The miles of catacombs beneath the abandoned Byberry Mental Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have given rise to some strange stories. One especially frightening urban legend concerns a former patient who reportedly still lives down in the tunnels. It's said he weilds a large knife and chases unwelcomed explorers. Is he a ghost or tragically real? Either way, do you really want to find out?