Love the murals on this barn

The Cow Barn.and The Cow Jumped over The Moon, on the roof!

Greencastle, Indiana. All four sides are painted.

All 4 sides are painted. Barn is located in Central Indiana near the town of Greencastle. We need to find this barn.

Chronicles of a Love Affair with Nature! Kittens always kittens everywhere on the farm, usually by the barn as they loved the warm milk from the cows when my dad was milking, he would squirt it right from the utter into their mouths. Such happy times. JP

Reminds me of my Grannys farm FARMHOUSE – BARN – A traditional red barn with dutch door entry and the requesite row of cats. Love the kitties!

I love red barns.  It's an on going topic on road trips & a constant needle in my husband's side since I've threatened to paint our shed barn red.

a BARN (a beautiful red barn. It's a building found on a FARM, and it is usually used for animals, hay, or farm machinery. It is a wonderful place to play when you are a child.

Green barn

Green barn

Porter Place Cottage: ~Evergreen Barn~

Evergreen Memorial Park Colorado Janet Osen fb Five barn pieces made this chapel.

Beautiful Classic And Rustic Old Barns Inspirations No 30

45+Beautiful Classic and Rustic Old Barns Inspirations

Beautiful Classic And Rustic Old Barns Inspirations No 30