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Brazilian Air Force on a airshow. Instagram: @leonporto

Brazilian Air Force on a airshow. Instagram: @leonporto

WWII Spitfire.

The Supermarine Spitfire IIa, an early mark. Fast and maneuverable, I believe this is the most beautiful airplane ever! Look at those lovely elliptical wings! Stanford Tuck of the RAF flew this plane and the Hurricane in the Battle of Britain.

English Electric Lightning - punching holes in the sky! What a climb-rate!

Vulcan bomber UK

Vulcan bomber UK

Here we come

A sea-level look at the aircraft carrier USS America with 16 military jet fly over in formation


The Raptor is one of the most secretive planes in existence. The military doesn't want you to know much about this stealth monster, but that's why

Vintage Chart of Early Types of Airplanes

Airplane - 1903 by the Wright Brothers (Vintage Chart of Early Types of Airplanes)