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Batman Themed Wedding <3

Batman themed wedding.

I'm not a huge super hero fan but this is pretty awesome :P "If you thought superhero weddings are generally too casual, here are some classy, stunning gold and black wedding ideas all based on having an elegant Batman wedding.

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The candy cane crowbar from Jason😢. Reminding Bruce every year of the mistake that he made with Jason and how he will never get the original Jason back!

Batman: The New Duo by ~CrimsonHorror on deviantART

Hahahahahaha, Dick never changes Batman: The New Duo by ~CrimsonHorror on deviantART

This is pretty accurate, but, come on, people. IT WAS THE SIXTIES. They couldn't have been able to do much more.


If you listen closely, you can just make out the sound of Batman sadly playing with the party flavor.

Oh batman...

Batman clarifies his feelings for his Robins. Featuring Tim Drake and Damien Wayne Credits to the artist

funny Batman vs Superman comic

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Batman is the best!

Batman is the best!

The 5 Greatest Weaknesses of DC Superheroes - Despite everything, DC is the best! And Batman is.he's batman!

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Beak-cause I'm Batman! In case u ppl haven't seen hishe out there. I love the villain pub and superhero cafe