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Gallery.ru / Фото #109 - 18.1.2015 - ergoxeiro

Gallery.ru / Фото #109 - 18.1.2015 - ergoxeiro

vintage Crochet doilies sewn on tablecloth.  Maybe on the bottom of curtains

DIY pretty Crochet attached to neutral cotton or linen to make BEAUTIFUL tablecloth. ~ I might consider using cotton drop cloth as the main fabric. Would still be pretty.with a farmhouse feel.

Чудесные салфетки....<3 Deniz <3

Салфетки крючком и спицами.

2. Beautiful napkins - Knitting - Country Mom


Beautiful napkins - Knitting - Country Mom yes this is a nice doily i approve yes *thumbs up* very good. i want it on my car and cat!

Как соединить вязание и ткань...♥ Deniz ♥

DIY Crochet Laces Do it yourself pictures go ahead full speed again! You can create yourself home made economic concepts easily and cheap if you care about your