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O Capitão Vernom Walters canta com os 'Pracinhas' o Hino Brasileiro Celebrating the victory, Captain Vernon Walters sings with GIs the National Anthem of Brazil

1945_Brazilian Army, 6th Regimental Combat Team, Brazilian Expeditionary Force, Monte Castello, Italy

Japanese heavy cruiser HIJMS NACHI

M3 Stuart, used in WW2 by Brazil

The BRAZIL IS MY COUNTRY BRAZILIAN SOLDIERS heading into the Monte Castello on 20 February the troops of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force presented in combat position, with its three regiments ready to depart for the Castle. To the left of the green-yellow grouping, would advance the 10th Mountain Division of the United States, elite troops, which had the responsibility to take the Monte Della Torracia and ensure thus the protection of the most vulnerable flank of the sector.A

HMS Indomitable thunders down the ramp into the waiting waters of the River Clyde at her launch from Fairfield's, Govan, Glasgow [1024 × 683]

WELCOME HOME, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED The USS General M.C. Meigs (AP-116) arrives at the port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, bringing back home Brazilian soldiers (Gl) who fought in Italy. July 18, 1945.

Soldado brasileiro estampado em edição do jornal Cruzeiro do Sul. Antes da adesão ao conflito uma expressão se popularizou no Brasil, "é mais fácil uma cobra fumar do que o Brasil entrar na guerra".

M3 Light Tanks Brazil, 1944

Fallschirmjäger ‘posing’ with a Granatwerfer (8 cm GrW. 34) – Monte Cassino, 1944 (Bundesarchiv) (Colourised by Doug Banks