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USS South Dakota (BB-57) firing her anti-aircraft guns at attacking Japanese planes during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 26 October 1942 [3600 x 2119]

Stanisław Franciszek Sosabowski CBE (Polish pronunciation: [staˈɲiswaf sɔsaˈbɔfskʲi]; 8 May 1892 – 25 September 1967) was a Polish general in World War II. He fought in the Battle of Arnhem (Netherlands) in 1944 as commander of the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade. More info:ław_Sosabowski (Colorised by Marcin Pasiak from Poland)

A German paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) with an MG 42 (Maschinengewehr 42) machine gun positions himself to fire on Allied forces. Near Sainte-Mère-Église, Manche, Normandy, France. 21st of June 1944. Although the Fallschirmjäger were actually Luftwaffe troops, these units were by the time of the Allied Invasion of Normandy, tactically subordinated to German Army (Heer) command. (Source – Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-582-2106-24) (Colorized by Jiří Macháček from the Czech Republic)

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The USS Oklahoma was commissioned in 1916, but met her demise at Pearl Harbour - 7 Dec 1941

HMS Hood not long after her completion 1920's

Big Ben through barbed wire in WW2 ,London

Japanese heavy cruiser HIJMS NACHI