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Oh goodness, Hazza.

what the flack? Styles, my dear boyf.what the custard cream are you doing?

My little emoji

Ok I'm starting to wonder if some of the emojis that we use are based off of Harry Styles faces hahaha 😛😀😋😁😯😠😴

They seriously need to change their merchandise

They really need to change their merch< they're gonna come back and have their own tattoo ink brands and surprise everyone like caw caw mothertrucker

Summertime Ball || 06.06.15

Capital FM's Summertime Ball in Wembley Stadium, England, 6 June 2015

hey, it's understandable okay?

Just bought this mag., (sans pizza), and got a bonus. There's an article on AARON PAUL!

Harry Styles + hands

Sorry for some of the hands that are touching. Yeah never mind but his pinky always has it's own little world and I think that's cute. Just like my hand.


i believe these were the moves liam was referring to in that one interview

This is seriously the most precious thing in the all of ever.

Harry Styles' fact<<good that's really good cuz since I'm gonna marry him he's gotta be able to take care of the bugs in my house I ain't doin that

Hahaha thats what you think... But have u seen what harry wears?? He is like clothes recycling king

That's what I call recycling well done lads well done