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Directionators>:( This is me(like Ariana Grande) and my friend totally at school most of the time

Wow.... Well that really is a fail... These people need to fire their fact checker and hire a directioner.

I mean really this u should at least learn the name of the songs if I were the boss I would fire that person! I'm sooooo mad! They failed the get 231457374753799505649 F's

Yes I did it my whole entire life wasn't wasted on 5 lads who don't even know of my existence!

Yay I'm not a failure! Hahaha probably won't happen but this is funnyy:)

This was me!

And Diana. And Don't Forget Where You Belong. Or Night Changes. and the rest of the songs.plus I don`t that the first time I do it everytime

hahahaha (:

This man. THIS MAN? That is the prime minister of England you are talking about, peasant. He is not just some man.

i really will be interested to see how it works out though...

i really will be interested to see how it works out though.>>"or just fight to the death" HAPPY BEST MAN GAMES yea Anna says no (Anna has been talking in person all day and she can't stop!

Nevermind, your argument is invalid.

When someone tells me one direction is stupid or gay I just want to grab a baseball bat and smack everything out of them

So I made a new game on the sims where there's one direction and me in one house. the goal is to make one or more of them fall in love with me and propose. the one rule is that I can only control myself, I cant control the other characters (the other boys) so its all up to fate and to who I choose to spend my time with. :) this should be interesting.

Do you.do you really think you're ready to ask me that.

When did this happen?!! Lol, and how would we know?! I hate when people make things up just to create drama...

When did this happen? I hate when people make things up just to create drama.

my alltime favorite couple. they are gonna be married forever and make cute little babies

especially that adorable blonde to the farrrr right;

For me it's his or her but, yeah...OH!!and yiu can't forget the most important one, THEIR ACCENT

Funny one direction imagines - Bing Images - Daniel Smith (Bastille), Chris Martin (Coldplay), too! True for any British boy


That's why we love our boys they aren't afraid to be different becoz we love their different it I'd who they are not like any other artist they are unique , special

They saw me!!!!...i also could be classified as awkward also. awkwardness tends to radiate off of me. @Jordin Altena understands this.

I'm that awkward person going, "Ahaha, hey sexy irish man, may I stroke that fabulous forehead?

Can't breath, Can't sleep, Crazy what you do to me. Little Mix~Love Drunk. Never realized how much that song describes me.

<< I read an article where Lou said it was already done<<< what is our fandom being lazy we would have already had a leak by now if it were finished!