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If they happened to be... AHHHH OMG!!!!! If I found out... *EXTREME fangirling*

well if they are.>>> I know this is Niall not a magcon boy but still.

Never in a million years

imma be 90 telling my great grandkids about how this band ruined my life all the way till i turned

Ass hats

EXactly i hate being called obsessed i find it rude tbh and i get offened.

:) brooklyn

haha young fans still have hope! 6 years age difference between me and lou!

You'd be soo stupid to do that...

Haha this is exactly my thought process! Who in their right mind gave the boys the experience they needed to write such heartbreaking songs? Whomever it was, we need to talk!

I'm in the Cheesecake Factory and I heard little things and silenced my family and peeked over the wall to see if they were actually here

XD yasss, we'll I actually start screaming and dancing and I start saying YAAASSS