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Fall weekend are the best ones photo by @kylehouck by onthejourney

On Christmas Eve, Obama Golfed with Muslim Fundamentalist who Praised ISIS

1/03/15 On Christmas Eve, Obama Golfed with Muslim Fundamentalist who Praised ISIS | Creeping Sharia

Obama Admitted Nearly 1 Million from Muslim-majority Countries from 2009-2014


Anne Bayefsky on

OBAMA IS FLOODING OUR COUNTRY WITH MUSLIM REFUGEES WHILE "Middle Eastern #Christians are being exterminated by #IslamicState"

Muslim "No Go Zones" Already Established In U.S., DOJ Knows & Does Nothing

We have all heard of the Muslim "no go zones" in Europe, but did you know they're already established in the United States?

Muslim couple who killed 14 'had ties to international terror'

Partidos De Feriado,San Bernardino,Colleague Nicholas,Nicholas Thalasinos,Office Holiday,Farook 28,Syed Farook,Bernardino Gunman,Radicalized San

US ambassador killed in Libya: investigators probe whether Benghazi assault was planned

Esquecer Benghazi,Lembre-Se Benghazi,Benghazi Assault,Benghazi Justiceforbenghazi4,Fact Benghazi Truth S,Benghazi Gate,Benghazi Security,Muslims Pdf,Muslims Islam If you have been searching for the perfect introductory guide to radical Islam, look no further than 'Radical Islam in the House.'" A review by WND.

It is one thing for people of Islamic faith to serve the American government out of a sense of duty, honor and patriotism. It is quite another for people of any faith with ties to known terrorist organizations to be allowed to serve in highly secure and sensitive positions involving people with clear ties to …

VIDEO: Muslims beat and kick Swedes on the street in broad daylight - See more at: