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Na China já é possível comprar facilmente baterias “Nucleares”, que podem durar até 20 anos!

The famous 1954 Oldsmobile Rocket 88!

Nissan GTR by Wynn Ruji. 20 Incredible Vehicle Photographs. #photography

1921 Cole Aero Eight - (Cole Motor Car Co. Indianapolis, Indiana 1909-1925)

Ford Mustang Boss 302 vs. Chevy Camaro SS 1LE

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G292.0+1.8 is one of only three supernova remnants in the Milky Way known to contain large amounts of oxygen

This is a 1920 Gold Roamer Roadster. It was one of the best cars in 1920.Well actually i was the most popular car back then.The reason why i chose this car is because i like the color on it.

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback i want one of these some kind of bad along with a jacked up truck

(1967 / 1970 ) Toyota 2000 GT

Toyota 2000 GT

Jeep Grand Cherokee srt- next vehicle (hopefully) I want <3