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I sometimes pretend I have insomnia...

funny quote ecard pretend insomnia good book inadequate respect for tomorrow

But sometimes always had to clean the kitchen, toilet, floors, cook, wash dishes, do laundry, clean out the refrigerator... the list never ends

"I'm just going to read a few pages of my book." Translation: I'm going to read at least 100 pages. Leave me alone. I'll see you when I see you. Lol, my husband hates when I find a new series to read.

Um there is such a long list its kind of embarrassing

lovejaceherondale: “ My life ”

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Unless you're reading a book series,then there's more time to process.

as we speak I shall finish this book! Gillian Flynn-Gone Girl....said the last pinner! I'm reading the same book...but I may not b finished by tonight!

I've done this many times. Story of my life!

24 insanely clever gifts for book lovers•• I want the personal library kit••I want all of them

24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers I Want The Personal Library Kit

Funny stuff

I can't remember what not tired feels like. Sometimes the extreme exhaustion of my RA, and fibromyalgia is much harder to deal with than the pain,SO TRUE FOR ME.


Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person - haha so true!

Too true. I get so invested! humor

Fictional characters > people in real life

I'm sorry I haven't called lately.  I've been busy.  And by busy I mean binge watching Netflix and browsing Pinterest.

Sounds about right. Except switch Netflix to Hulu lol

My diet can best be described as, 'unchaperoned child at a birthday party.'

:) That's sounds great. My diet would be described as a child watching a birthday party through a glass window.all the time.

Mr. Darcy! Haha @Carrie Mcknelly Mcknelly Mcknelly Rosenberg this is too funny!

Ha this is so funny because i love pride and prejudice, not only the movie, but the book

So true because once we started River of Time, it was all we talked about. @imdogkrazy

Speak now or forever hold your peace. at least till I'm finished.

My poor husband!  He knows if its a Tuesday when a new book from one of my favorite authors is out, to plan on entertaining himself for the evening!

Or 20 chapters.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single women in possession of a multitude of feels, must be in want of a Darcy.

No, not all women desire a Mr Darcy. But men should want to be a Mr Darcy (after he stops being a dick).