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Orion is so cute so he basically helps some though out her whole time switching worlds he's so freaking to cute to die for cute

Anime Girls, Chibi, Fantasy Story

C'EST TROP KAWAÏ!!!# chibi reference

Mercy/F/shy/adorable/loves cats/friends:Hazel,cuddles,micky,dollar/crush:dollar/kind/fluffy/can shape shift into kitten


chibi commission for aumbrieones! thank you for commissioning me! i'll try to dish out another chibi tomorrow before work if i can ^ 0 ^ done in sai / ps please do not use / repost my art unless .

Anime picture with single tall image blush blue eyes highres black hair red eyes smile simple background fringe white hair very long hair ahoge horn (horns) heterochromia transparent background bicolored hair bat wings girl

Местовремя : 11 июня 2015 года, « Атриум » на «Курской», 20:01-23:00, ресторанный дворик Темы: «Окололежащие фестивали (оптом)», «Онгоинг (в т.ч. дораматический)», «Железный…

Anime picture with original single tall image short hair blue eyes open mouth highres black hair fringe red hair holding open shirt bent knee (knees) bicolored hair checkered girl glasses shirt water

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "manga chibi kawaii"