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Lily Allen singer songwriter

Lily Allen, wild child daughter of Keith Allen, Londoner, pop star, feminist lyricist and cat lover.


tank u for doptin' me.I promise to cure u with purrs.make you smile when u are sad.and look sooo innocent when I am bad.

delores del rio

Dolores del Río (August 1905 in Durango, Mexico – April 1983 in Newport Beach, California) was a Mexican film actress very popular during the American Silent Film era.

DesertRose,;,so cute,;,

This is Twinkle. She and her sister were rescued by from the terrible winter storm this morning. She doesnt like me much but well get there!

…And they are about to learn what happens when they get on your bad side. | 26 Essential Cats For Every Occasion

26 Essential Cats For Every Occasion

9 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates You: Dangerous Bites, Mind Control, and

Muito ajuda quem não opina!

Se você está chegando para criticar o que está feito, esta chegando tarde… … … Mais

may I know why your so loving? aha! (what would you do for bacon? ha ha)

Mom, habs I told yoo lately how much I lubs yoo? Yoo so byootifool, standin dere, cookin bacon.

Елвис Преслеи је посед иду на дисплеју у Лондону | Енглеска | Европа | Травел

Ernest Hemingway loved cats, admired their independence & spirit. His feline was from a ship’s captain in Key West, FL. Now, @ 60 (mostly cats live at the at the Hemingway Museum & Home in Key West, protected by the terms left in his will.

Greek Orthodox priest with cat

by David Seymour, Greece, 1954 - The Meteora (a complex of monasteries built between the and centuries.