Poser des questions

Poser des questions

Comment exprimer l'étonnement

Ways to express surprise/amazement (francais) = exprimer l'etonnement

French vocabulary: expressions: Dire qu'on a oublié

Expressions utiles en français - Dire qu'on a oublié


This is a list of French question words. This helps me study for the French question words.

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And here I thought I lost my comprehension of french.

french expressions, vocabulary, fle,

french expressions for clarification, vocabulary, FLE

l'interrogation indirecte

l'interrogation indirecte

Vocabulaire - "organiser son discours"

Block outline for a compare and contrast essay introduction Writing a Compare/Contrast Essay As always. Block Method My Essay

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Learn French in France, Learn English in England, Learn German in Germany and much more.

Comment poser des questions

Comment poser des questions by miguelprofairen via slideshare

vocabulaire: exprimer la confiance. #FLE                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Communication: Exprimer la confiance.

vocabulaire: exprimer la confiance. #FLE Más

indications de lieu

expressions de lieu - play a treasure hunt game where partners have to describe location to each other to get prize


Funny French Phrases * because I'm learning French and instead of the open French book in front of me this is more amusing !


Positive and negative forms - The opposites

vocabulaire | communication |  prendre la parole.en français

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Prendre la parole / Take the floor.