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Nature's Face......A tree trunk by Ellen Yuen Hunter Region Botanic Gardens Heatherbrae NSW Australia

A tree trunk. Photo taken in Hunter Region Botanic Gardens, NSW, Australia.

A face in the trees - looking around tree

it looks like a dude with a green afro and bushy green eyebrows peeking out from behind a tree, no?

Tortured & possessed faerie tree ~ DO NOT TOUCH! ~

Our growth is formed within our environment and what we choose to take on and hold onto.

dreamies.de (yfxd7lhj2ss.jpg)

Trees are amazing. Did you know that roots can put on bark and become trunk like but that trunks can't become roots and withstand moisture?

This tree is slowly engulfing a stone statue. Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Kind of creepy...

This tree is slowly engulfing a stone statue. Та Пром (by Catherine Zasukhina) Angkor Wat, Cambodia << UH, no. That's a weeping angel who pissed off the grandfather of that tree lady

DSCN8069 by karellieloo, via Flickr

Petrified tree that looks like a Shoebill stork wear a flowing gown or scarf!