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Dave Gilmour; Phil Manzanera

Dave Gilmour; Phil Manzanera

Paul McCartney and Dave Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert. Question is: Is Macca wearing a Wings t-shirt?

Paul McCartney and Dave Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert. (Super Seventies)

Paul + Linda McCartney, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd at Led Zeppelin Concert, Knebworth 1976

Pink Floyd - David Gilmour

Pink Floyd - David Gilmour - My favorite guitarist EVER and the most gorgeous man when he was

David Gilmour

David Gilmour - Which ones pink?

Mind-Warp PaVilion :: Community :: Torrent Announce: David Gilmour - HRV CDR025 - Kabuki Fever [FLAC]

David Gilmour in the (swoon) - Pink Floyd

David Gilmour | Pink Floyd His physical beauty is obvious, but his voice and music touches my soul!

David Gilmour / Pink Floyd, ca.

in my opinion, David Gilmour is the best guitar player in history. And in his hay day, he was the hottest.

Rock [Los Mejores Vocalistas]

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) - Great guitar playing and beautiful voice.

Indian tabla player and composer Zakir Hussain performing in London, 1991…

donteatyourmeat: “ David Gilmour at a free concert in Hyde Park, London, August, He is performing with Roy Harper, John Paul Jones and Steve Broughton as Roy Harper and Heavy Friends.

David Gilmour ("That's all folks!")

David Gilmour Photos of — Last.

David Gilmour, Now and Then …                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Now and Then

David Gilmour- still a total babe!

David Gilmour- still a total babe! Still plays guitar like he was Love you David!

mmmm david gilmour.. sexy and an awesome guitarist? I don't even wanna know how much sex he's had

a young david gilmour - pink floyd Baaaaaaaaby

David Gilmour Live and Unplugged @ Royal Albert Hall, performing “wish you were here”. Breathtaking performance! David Jon Gilmour, CBE (born 6 March 1946), is an English musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is best-known as the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

David Gilmour Wish You Were Here – Live Unplugged

UVioO - David Gilmour Wish you were here live unplugged

Gilmour is my dream man. (If I wasn't married. And lived in the 60's.) Ha

David Gilmour and Rick Wright pinkfloydigan Source: tretze

1k pink floyd david gilmour Live At Pompeii mine: Pink Floyd gommor ...

Pink Floyd David Gilmour Live At Pompeii mine: Pink Floyd

Dave Gilmour.  In 2011, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him number 14 in their list of the greatest guitarists of all time. But he's actually number 1.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HITZWhvYnzM

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd