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Camp Jupiter is like the serious, organized older brother and then Camp Half-Blood is the little sister that is very clever, but also is slightly immature and does whatever she likes. Camp Jupiter it is.< oh hell no camp half-blood for the win

KARMA HEADCANON!!!!!!! Ha, i wanna read a story based off of this. It'd be the best.

Ha, i wanna read a story based off of this.<--- octavian is hated by everyone! even rick! i promise that one day i will buy the rights to the pjo series and i will write a book based off of this

Aww :)

Of course Percabeth's wedding won't be normal at all. Uncle Rick is the sassy and crazy creator of this awesome world, I mean, do I need to say more?

Aw that's so cute

Headcanons<--- que waterfall of happy tears! percy is so romantic! even when he doesnt try!<< BECAUSE PERCABETH


Percabeth child in Percy’s dream. Percy wakes u land is disappointed hat the dream didn’t happen but remembers that Chiron said some demigod dreams are actually glimpses of the future

son of a beautiful intelligent selfless and flawless god who's been nothing if not an amazing parent to him……and Poseidon

Goddess , aka Sally, and yeah Percy gets his good attributes from Sally and his sassy from Poseidon

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Then when Percy and Annabeth come back, they see their children sitting in the middle of chaos. Then Leo's just there in the background "TIA CALLIDA ALL OVER AGAIN!