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Resultado de imagem para Michelin Tweel

Resultado de imagem para Michelin Tweel

Self-Closing Weld-On Hinge

A very high quality, heavy duty weld-on hinge for large gates. Uses a machined surface and gravity which creates a self-closing feature.

Yes, please. Tired of bloody flats in the so-called paved wasteland of LA.

BriTek's Brilliant Airless Bicycle Tire Reinvents the Wheel

ERW Airless Bike Tire: if designer Brian Russell has his way, you’ll never get a flat again. His concept bike tire is made from rubber stretched over carbon nanotube-reinforced rods, to provide a cushioned ride without air.

Unlike competing smart bands, the UP3 doesn't offer a display. All data and information is accessed via compatible UP app.


The Apex Hitch-Mounted Receiver Hitch Crane makes it possible for one person to easily lift heavy equipment or cargo weighing up to 1,000 lbs into the bed of a pickup truck. Attach it to your 2" class III or IV trailer hitch to easily load from either the driver or passenger side of your truck, and when not in use the trailer hitch crane folds up to be transported on your trailer hitch and free up valuable cargo space in the bed of your truck.

Apex Hydraulic Receiver Hitch Crane - 1,000 lb Capacity

Our Apex Hitch-Mounted Crane makes loading heavy cargo such as engines, and generators into the bed of your pickup truck easy. The receiver hitch crane lifts up to lbs.

ATV trailer. tandem/walking axles - MIG Welding Forum:

After a year or so of research, I've finally started my atv trailer build. Tandem walking axles, possibly multi-body, tipping trailer.