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Angels encamped watching over me 🙌🏾


Sometimes I hear a flutter In the middle of the night, And I know another angel Just rose up in flight. —Patricia Osborn Orton, "The Sound of Angels"


You have to be strong and sometimes call on your warrior angel to live in a white man's world.

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Nappy Angels Awaken to your Natural Beauty!and Shine YOUR Light!

Bless the Children by Alix Beaujour

Bless the Children

An African-American art print by Alix Beaujour featuring a Black Jesus Christ comforting, blessing and spending time with children.

Daniel's Faith in God Alan and Aaron Hicks #HicksTwins #ShadesofColor

Daniel 's Faith in God.

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Angel: Into the Light

Angel Into The Light by Henry C. Porter is a work of art highlighting a black angel leading winged infants into a golden light.

Black Angel Art - Heaven Sent (Girl) - Henry Battle

Heaven Sent (Girl) by renowned artist Henry Lee Battle a.

Female Guardian Angel Seraphim | African American Angel Art Prints Girl

Angels are inseparable friends, who bring strength & consolation to those who include them in their lives.

The Water Baptism

"Baptism" by Janice Huse

african buddhists | AfricanAmerican Protestants, and Santeria-Afro-Catholicism

Christ with Child, ethnic by Lopez. Popular ethnic image of Jesus with child.

To Us II by Henry Lee Battle | The Black Art Depot

To Us II

To Us II by Henry Lee Battle is an African-American work of art of a couple embracing one another by a fireplace.

Betty, Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings: Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine.

Black Angel with Rainbow ~ Fine-Art Print - Angels Posters and Art Prints

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Guardian Angels - a gallery of beautiful Guardian Angel artwork by various artists. We all have a Guardian Angel watching over us - how do you imagine yours?

By His grace

Hold my hand Lord

Spiritual Support...I've always loved this...

Spiritual Support

Spiritual Support is a limited edition work of art by Edwin Lester of an African-American family. The father walks faithfully through the water while carrying his family on his shoulders.