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Pare de Acordar e Volte a Dormir!
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O Que Nos Acorda de Noite e Como Voltar a Dormir

Pare de Acordar e Volte a Dormir!

Dicas sobre cor da urina e outras
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O Que a Cor da Sua Urina Diz Sobre a Sua Saúde?

Dicas sobre cor da urina e outras

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Compressa quente ou fria: em que situação usar cada uma


"Lúpus: sem cura, mas sob controle": I stumbled upon this page about #lupus on a Brazilian site called Ler Saúde. There's a good amount of information and a couple of infographics, all in Spanish.

Todo lo que debes saber sobre el periodo, el ciclo menstrual

Information About Connecticut Massage Degree Programs in Nutrition

Polio: An American Story - scary times! Remember the sugar cubes? Jonas Salk 1955. Albert Sabin 1957.

Ankle sprains are common injuries that occur when ligaments are stretched or torn. The ankle sprain is the most common athletic injury. Nearly 85% of ankle sprains occur laterally, or on the outside of the ankle joints. Some individuals, due to their bone structure or foot type, are more prone to ankle sprains. For more information about this topic follow the link to our website.

An article over at collider has released information about a deal between Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and HBO to create a TV series based upon Alan Moore’s Watchmen. The 2009 film, Watchmen, which was directed by Snyder for Warner Bros. and is said…